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Bernal Heights, CA

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Professional tools to keep your property performing optimally

Property Marketing Bernal Heights, CA

Find the right renter quickly with our experts working on your behalf. We use a sophisticated assortment of advertising & promotional tools to publicize your vacancy.

Tenant Screening Bernal Heights, CA

Don't find yourself stuck with a bad tenant who causes nonstop problems. We carefully screen every application we receive to identify potential red flags and keep you protected.

Tenant Buy-Outs Bernal Heights, CA

Our Team can assist in negotiating complex Tenant buy-outs on your behalf to increase property values at a rate of $400 per hour.

Bernal Heights, CA

Keep your property in top shape without wasting your weekend handling maintenance tasks. We process tenant requests & get the job done right.

Rent Collection
Bernal Heights, CA

Rest easy knowing your rent check is on the way. We handle all billing and collection for you. Earnings are quickly disbursed to your account to protect your cash flow.

Property Inspections
Bernal Heights, CA

Our team keeps a close eye on your property throughout the year, with regular inspections scheduled to ensure everything is on the up and up inside your rental home.

Financial Reporting
Bernal Heights, CA

We generate monthly reports for your property, documenting your earnings and expenses. Log into the portal to view your statements at any time.

Bernal Heights, CA

Dealing with a bad apple in your property? Let us walk you through the legal steps of the eviction process and help you find a qualified new tenant for the home.

Legal Guidance
Bernal Heights, CA

Don't find yourself in a sticky situation. We monitor state and local housing laws and ordinances and do our utmost to keep you compliant, reducing your financial liability.

Property Management Experts
Bernal Heights, CA

We know the Bay Area. We know real estate.

When it comes to getting the most out of your Bay Area rental home, it's important to find a property manager you know you can trust. Plenty of different firms make big promises about getting you top dollar and keeping your home occupied with the best qualified tenants, but sustaining quality results over the long term is no small feat. You need a management partner with the experience and expertise you can trust to get the job done right.

At Leading Properties, we aim to provide the best property management in Bernal Heights, CA. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we have truly seen and handled it all. We collaborate with you to identify your investment needs and work to identity the best way to keep you profitable; we don't cut corners. Whether you have a single property or are juggling a large portfolio of homes, we're ideally positioned to help you succeed.

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