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Posts by Patrick Boushell

Tenant Screening | Finding the Ideal Tenants for your San Francisco Rental Property

The tenant you choose for your San Francisco rental property will be a major factor in whether or not you have a positive and profitable investment experience. Landlords have little to worry about when their tenants are respectful, pay rent on time, and help take care of the property. With a bad tenant, however, there are constant conflicts, frequent disputes, late or unpaid rent, and sometimes even property damage.

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How Airbnb May Impact San Francisco Landlords

Today we are talking about Airbnb and sites like it. Many of you have probably heard or read articles regarding Airbnb and other online companies that allow people to advertise short term vacation rentals. A lot of tenants in San Francisco are renting out a portion of their apartment or an entire unit to Airbnb…

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How the San Francisco Rent Board Affects California Landlords

In San Francisco, there is a governing body called the San Francisco Rent Board. This agency sets the local laws pertaining to some residential properties. In a previous blog, we have addressed what properties fall under the control of the San Francisco Rent Board. If you have questions about whether or not your rental property…

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San Francisco Property Management: The Move Out Process

When a tenant gives you notice and moves out of your rental property, it’s a good idea to have a proactive move out process in place. If you follow certain procedures every time someone moves out, you’ll be able to prepare for the next tenant and keep yourself from losing money. When a process is…

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