Building Your Real Estate Portfolio with Peace of Mind

The San Francisco Rental Scene

San Francisco has consistently ranked as one of the most expensive cities for real estate in the United States. Around 55% of SF residents live in rental homes. And while prices fell by more than 27% last year, market analysts are witnessing clear signs that rental prices are beginning to rise. This is creating a great opportunity for investors to purchase properties near historic low prices, and they would be wise to take advantage of the property management services in San Francisco.


How Property Management Services Can Help You

COVID-19 and California rent control laws present unique issues for tenants and landlords to navigate.

Last year’s mass exodus out of cities like SF has left vacancies landlords are looking to fill, and they’re turning to property management services to help connect them to qualified prospective tenants. This also means the same property management services have insight into availabilities all over the city. 

At the same time, eviction moratoriums on COVID are presenting challenges for landlords, and this is something property management services could be best placed to handle. As emotions run high during these uncertain times, turning to a property management service can keep things rational so decisions are made from an objective, unemotional point of view.


Find A Company You Can Trust

When looking for the right property management service, whether you’re a landlord or prospective buyer, you want a company that will give you peace of mind. Here at Leading Properties we’re local, seasoned veterans of the SF real estate market, and we pride ourselves on keeping logic and transparency at the forefront of our business.

While other companies may try to lure customers in with “come on” rates, we charge fair prices and back it up with quality service. We understand what property management really means: making everyday decisions that are in the best interest of our customers. We won’t let anyone into your properties that we wouldn’t let into our own homes.


Our Rental Expertise

Unlike some property management in San Francisco, we work with both small and large property owners, so our services can be fully customized to meet your needs.

We provide end-to-end services that include marketing the rentals, screening tenants, managing maintenance and vendor coordination. Not to mention keeping your calm throughout the process.

We also provide a secure portal account access for our clients, with full information on monthly reports by property.


Property Management Protects Your Investments

Hiring a property manager for investment properties can be an effective way to ensure you’re always making the best financial decisions. 

This type of assistance can help you develop the skills, strategies, and experiences to buy properties on your own with peace of mind.

Schedule a consultation call with Leading Properties to learn more about the unique opportunities for growing your investment portfolio and generating cash flow in the San Francisco Bay Area!

As one of the top residential and commercial companies in property management in San Francisco, Leading Properties offers the service packages and the tools you need to optimize rental property performance!