How Airbnb May Impact San Francisco Landlords

Today we are talking about Airbnb and sites like it. Many of you have probably heard or read articles regarding Airbnb and other online companies that allow people to advertise short term vacation rentals. A lot of tenants in San Francisco are renting out a portion of their apartment or an entire unit to Airbnb customers. A number of security issues have arisen because of this practice.

When you have a tenant living in a building, that tenant has been vetted. Tenants undergo a background check, a credit report is pulled and former landlords are called to find out if there were any problems with that tenant previously. The tenants get screened thoroughly before they are allowed to move in. People who come to your property from Airbnb can be from anywhere in the world. They move into buildings for short periods of time, and that can create problems. They have no security deposit on file and they are not beholden to a lease agreement like a tenant would be.

In San Francisco, there have been a lot of issues arising due to tenants trying to sublet their properties to clients and customers of Airbnb. If you have any questions, please contact us at Leading Properties. We’d be happy to share some ideas on how you can protect yourself and your property from exposure to any liability.