How to Be A Good San Francisco Landlord | Traits That Tenants Value

How to Be A Good San Francisco Landlord | Traits That A Good Tenant Appreciates

Good landlords in San Francisco earn more than bad landlords or even average landlords. Why? Because good tenants want to rent from good landlords. Anything you can do to contribute to a more positive rental experience will be appreciated by your residents, and it will encourage them to pay rent on time, take care of your home, and continue renewing their lease agreements. 

Avoid long vacancies and expensive turnovers by providing a great experience for your tenants. Here’s how.

Have a Clear and Consistent Lease Agreement

Tenants need to know what to expect, and a good landlord will communicate that clearly and consistently. It starts with your lease agreement. In this document, all potential questions should be anticipated and answered. Before a tenant signs your lease, go over it in detail. You want a lease agreement that’s fair, protective of your San Francisco rental property and your rights, and compliant with all local, state, and federal laws. 

When your tenants know what you expect, they can perform responsibly. Make sure your lease agreement tells tenants how much rent is due and when it should be paid. Include information on grace periods and late payment penalties. Make sure everything in your lease and your procedures conforms to the new rent control and just cause eviction laws that are about to go into effect in California. 

A good landlord doesn’t keep tenants guessing. 

Be Accountable for Your Own Responsibilities 

Your tenants have expectations, too. They’ll want you to provide a safe and habitable home. They’ll want to know that you care about them and their needs. Make sure you’re willing to provide resources and respond to requests for help. 

Be considerate as well. You aren’t permitted to show up at the property unannounced and demand a chance to look around. Leave tenants alone to enjoy the quiet and private home they’re paying for. Schedule maintenance and walk through appointments in advance, and explain why you need to get inside. Remember that even though you own the property, your tenants are living there. They are entitled to be left alone unless they have a question or need some help.  

A good landlord is respectful of a tenant’s privacy and space.

Be Responsive to Maintenance Issues 

One of the things that tenants find most frustrating is a lack of response or a slow response when a rental property repair is needed. When you receive a repair request from your tenants, take care of it right away. They might be asking for something minor, or maybe it’s a cosmetic issue that they’re complaining about. Still, the request deserves a response. 

If you’re going to make the repair, make it right away. If you’re not going to make the repair, explain why it doesn’t meet your established standards for what needs to be repaired. Communicate transparently so they understand your reasoning. 

When you do make a repair, schedule the work at times that are convenient for your tenants. Follow up with them after the work is done so you can be sure the problem was completely fixed. Ask if the tenants were pleased with the vendors and if they were treated respectfully. 

A good landlord keeps their property well-maintained. 

Good San Francisco landlordThese are just a few of the things that make a good San Francisco landlord. It’s important to establish and maintain a good relationship with your tenants. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us at Leading Properties.